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Friday Five: 12/01-12/04

Theresa Ianni

Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news from this week!

15,000 robots usher Amazon's Cyber Monday - USA Today

As more shoppers look to online sales, robots are becoming the norm for distribution centers. This holiday season Amazon is using 15,000 robots to pick, pack and ship their items. The efficiency of these robots allows Amazon to double the amount of inventory in each fulfillment center, increasing the products available locally. Amazon will be able to ship a high volume of items quickly this holiday season.

Stuart Elliot Takes Buyout as NYT Continues to Lose Top Media and Advertising Reporters - ADWEEK

Has your office been buzzing with news about the New York Times buyouts? In the midst of a massive budget crisis, the New York Times hopes to eliminate 100 jobs with voluntary buyouts and if need be, with layoffs. Of the many veteran reporters leaving the New York Times is Stuart Elliot, a long-time media and advertising reporter for the Times. Elliot's departure is shocking, and I know we're sad to see him go.

Facebook revamps Slingshot with fullscreen photos and looping videos, sharing to other apps - Venture Beat

If you've never used Slingshot, then you're not alone. Facebook's revamp of the mobile app is an attempt to make the product more desirable than before. The new design allows users to send full-screen photos and looping videos in two easy clicks. The new version of Slingshot imitates Snap Chat's "My Story" feature by enabling users to view old pictures and videos shared with them in the past 24 hours. So what are your thoughts? Will the app revamp be a total bust, or will it slingshot the product into action?

Google Gets Thousands Of Girls To Program the White House Christmas Tree Lights - Tech Crunch

Made with Code is a simple way to teach women coding and expose them to a career in computer science. This year, the Made with Code program gave kids, teens and young adults the chance to light the White House by showing off their coding skills. Over 3,000 women participated, but 10 were chosen to attend the ceremony. To check out the White House lights, click here.

Twitter's photo filters just got more like Instagram - Mashable

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if all social networking sites combined into one? I have. I know that the sites won't integrate, but Twitter's newest update makes photo sharing a lot like Instagram. The upgrade gives more editing control to users by providing adjustable filters and an in-app editing menu. As social networking sites compete to be the best, I suspect we'll see a lot more similarities emerge.

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