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Friday Five: 1/20 – 1/24

Sarah Hale


Happy Friday! Glad you survived #polarvortex, round two and could join us for top PR and tech news from this week.

Apple's Mac Still Influences, 30 Years After Debut - AP via USA Today

Hard to believe that when the Apple Macintosh was introduced on Super Bowl weekend in 1984, putting the end user experience first was almost unheard of. So was using a TV-like computer screen, a WYSIWYG interface and (gasp) a mouse.


Global Spending on Mobile Advertising To Reach $18 Billion in 2014 - Inc.

While the rate of mobile growth is slowing, mobile ad spending is up $5 billion this year compared to last, according to Gartner. While mobile ad growth is momentarily slowing as ad space exceeds demand, new technologies mean that mobile ads could see accelerated growth from 2015-2017.

Twitter Launches Card Analytics To Let Publishers Monitor Impressions, Clicks And More - TechCrunch

Tracking on Twitter just became a bit easier thanks card analytics. The update to Twitter's existing analytics program now allows users to measure not only a publisher's own tweets, but the impact of all tweets to a publisher’s site.

How Bluetooth Credit Card Skimmers Became The New Crowbars - Fast Company

Credit card skimmers can steal information without hacking into a single computer. 3D printers, infrared rays and Blu-ray magnets can steal information while remaining nearly undetectable.

Great Leaders See, Say and Do - Forbes

Perception matters as much as action. Leaders should lead by lightning (being a strong advocate for a new idea) and listening (exchanging ideas, being receptive to and voicing opinions).

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