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Friday Five: 1/18 – 1/22

Yasmeen Ahmed

Google’s WiFi for Indian Train Stations Launches At Mumbai Central Railway Station Tomorrow - TechCrunch

Google’s WiFi for Indian train stations is set to launch today. At this moment, it only provides WiFi at the station and not on the train. Initially, the partnership aims to provide access points at 100 train stations across India, with plans to grow to 400 stations nationwide. As the Mumbai Central Railway Station alone supports 962 individual trains on a typical day and the city’s commuter rail services transport around 7 million people daily, the support this system requires is substantial. As it spreads to more stations and rail subnetworks nationwide, it will be interesting to see if Google can continue to support the speeds and connectivity that is currently promised.

Uber’s Standalone Food Delivery App Is Coming To The U.S.- TechCrunch 

Uber’s stand-alone food delivery app is coming to the States! Good news for us: Chicago is one of the first cities it will debut in. This means we can now get our food delivered by Uber (if it’s from their partnering restaurants). They’ve been testing this particular feature in Toronto for a little over a month now, and currently offer lunchtime requests along with Uber’s standard app in the U.S.

How can PR pros make a reporter’s job easier? - PR Daily 

For PR folks: how can we make journos’ lives easier? Although it seems like we work in tandem and help them out every day, being a reporter has also been recognized as one of the most stressful, lowest paying jobs. Also keeping in mind that they get an abundance of pitches every day, it’s beneficial for PR pros to understand what works for them. Some tips include keeping it brief and getting directly to the point, providing sources up front, providing data, visuals and being considerate of their deadlines. All things most of us probably do, but good to keep in mind as our work collides so much.

As digital marketing grows, Google to launch real-time ads - PR Daily 

Google has unveiled a real-time ad platform. As online advertising grows in usage, Google is attempting to make it easier for marketers to jump on trends as they happen. The new ad platform will enable brand managers to connect with consumers in real time. As crazy as it sounds, the platform would gives marketers the opportunity to distribute content that aligns with trending topics immediately after they go viral.

Earth's oceans may contain more plastic than fish by 2050, study says - Mashable

According to this Mashable article, findings from a newly released Ellen MacArthur Foundation report show that by 2050 the world’s oceans will contain more discarded plastic than fish when measured by weight. As plastic is necessary in some cases, the problem is that most plastic packaging products are used only once before they are thrown away, which accumulates to an annual economic loss of up to $120 billion. Unfortunately, our plastic abundance will catch up to us if we don’t find new and innovative ways to reuse and recycle, especially with plastic.

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