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Friday Five 11/4 – 11/8

Sarah Hale

Guess what day it is? We're as excited as a camel on Wednesday to present this week's Friday Five!

Twitter's goal in IPO: to avoid becoming Facebook - Reuters

Every move Twitter has made during the IPO process has been to avoid making the same mistakes as rival Facebook. Twitter priced its IPO at $26, compared to Facebook's $38. Twitter CFO Mike Gupta even grilled bankers on how to avoid becoming the next Facebook.

Mayor wants to double number of city’s tech workers in next decade - Chicago Sun-Times

We don't have a catchy nickname like Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley or Silicon Forest, but Chicago's commitment to tech runs deep. When Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office in mid-2011, the city was home to 30,000 tech workers. That number has grown to 40,000, and Emanuel is hoping to double that within ten years.

Lululemon founder: 'Some women's bodies...don't work' in the pants - Los Angeles Times

After bouncing back from "sheergate," Lululemon again finds itself in hot water. Its CEO Chip Wilson implied that the company's signature yoga pants can't or shouldn't be worn by the plus-size crowd. This week, another fashion brand which came under fire for excluding plus-sizes, Abercrombie & Fitch, announced it will begin selling a broader range of sizes.

Chimp study at Lincoln Park Zoo lays down some truth about innovation - Chicago Tribune

Does innovation mean coming up with something completely new, or refusing to reinvent the wheel? A study of chimpanzees at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo indicates that a hybrid approach may be best. Chimps who were neither early adopters nor laggards reaped the greatest rewards (in this case, grapes or carrots).

Why we should ditch the word 'engagement' - PR Daily

This one's going to be tough for us. We're as prone as any other PR firm to use "engagement" as a catchall term to describe social media activity. The use of the term isn't an issue, so much as the intent: the author argues that social pros should seek to achieve goals and have meaningful conversations rather than aiming for chatter.

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