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Friday Five: 11/4-11/7

Theresa Ianni

Happy Friday! Here's a roundup of this week's industry news.

Hands-on with the new, free-to-use, Office for iPhone Apps - Ars Technica

Microsoft released iOS Office updates on Thursday that make the app more in-depth and compelling than before. In fact, Microsoft now offers free document editing and Dropbox support for Apple users with an Office account. While Office 365 subscriptions are encouraged, users still have access to cloud syncing, editing, and the necessities for putting together documents and presentations for free. Microsoft's Office app is more productive from a business standpoint than Apple's Pages and Keynote.

Odysee Automatically Saves Your Mobile Photos And Videos To Your Home PC - TechCrunch

Odysee is a new app that automatically syncs pictures and videos to a home computer. Not only does this startup application serve as a secure backup system, however. Users can also share pictures in real-time to other users. The creator got the idea after having kids, when he realized that smartphones enabled people to capture more moments than ever before.

How the end of Facebook 'like-gating' will benefit brands - PR Daily

Facebook put an end to like-gating on Wednesday that will prove advantageous for brands. While most companies already stopped requiring likes in trade of promotions, brands that haven't abandoned the tactics will see some short-term challenges. But, a recent study proves that the end to like-gating will increase email acquisitions, inspire quality fans and help companies retain more valuable audience data.

JetBlue Launches 'Fly it Forward' - MediaPost

JetBlue launched a new campaign called 'Fly it Forward' that will promote the company's mission to inspire humanity. Inspired by crew members and manifested through customers, the 'Fly it Forward' campaign will allow participants to spread goodness by flying from place to place for a cause. Customers can submit nominations to fly and promote initiatives like education and health. Winners will pick the next customer to continue the campaign. Using the hashtag #FlyItForward, customers can nominate others. Consumers can stay active and read inspiring stories on

U.S. Net Neutrality advocates plan day of protests - InfoWorld

After plans that the FCC is considering a "hybrid" proposal to break the Net Neutrality deadlock leaked, many Net Neutrality advocates planned to protest in San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia. Groups like Fight for the Future are at the forefront of the protests against the plans that, according to Tom Wheeler, are all still under consideration. Net Neutrality supporters have been fighting for a reclassification that would allow for law suits from companies like Verizon.

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