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Friday Five: 11/30-12/4

Beth Frenzer

Happy December! Here's a roundup of this week's industry news:

Where's your Uber? New color coding will help you find the right car - Mashable

On Wednesday, Uber announced that it is testing a new function called SPOT. SPOT is meant to help connect riders with their drivers through color coding. Riders pick one of six colors through the app and the same color will light up on the driver’s windshield. The feature is being tested in Seattle. Hopefully, Uber SPOT will put an end to the “is that my Uber?” dilemma is busy areas.

Starbucks Launches A Delivery Service In Partnership With Postmates - Tech Crunch

Want your frappuccino in bed? Now you can, and Starbucks will bring it to you. The company promised a delivery service in 2015, and it has just become a reality. The coffee chain has partnered with delivery company Postmates to get your drink to you in under 30 minutes for an extra $5.99 fee plus tip. Starbucks announced the new service after the huge success of their online order and pay system with their customers.

Zuckerberg Baby’s Birth Comes With a $45 Billion Surprise - Wired

This week Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, announced the birth of their daughter Max. Zuckerberg and Chan introduced the world to their new baby girl in appropriate fashion with a post on Facebook. They also announced in the Facebook post that they will donate 99 percent of their Facebook shares to improve our world for future generations. The $45 billion donation will be used to aid education, medical advancement and community building.

Nick Cannon is the new Chief Creative Officer of RadioShack - Engadget

After filing for bankruptcy, RadioShack has made an interesting move in their attempt to rebrand by naming Nick Cannon as new Chief Creative Officer. The TV personality will function as a music curator and exclusive product creator for Radio Shack. Cannon will also act as a spokesperson and organize special events and performances for the brand.

Dave Chappelle has teamed with a tech startup to block fans from using phones at his shows - Business Insider

Dave Chappelle has always required that his stand-up shows be cell phone free, but now he's taken steps to assure that. The comedian is teaming up with tech start-up Yondr to create a cell phone free space at each of his upcoming performances. Anyone who enters the venue will be asked to put their phone into a Yondr case. The case will automatically lock and prevent the owner from using it while in the phone free space. Once the user leaves the phone free space, the case will unlock. Chappelle’s reasoning behind the partnership is meant to prevent his new material ending up immediately on YouTube and lessen the number of disruptive audience members and people watching the entire set through their phone’s camera.

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