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Friday Five 11/18-11/22

Sarah Hale

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Thanks for checking in with us for our weekly roundup of PR, social and tech news!

A word is worth 1,000 selfies - CNN Money via Fortune

Snapchat recently turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook. Even if the app falls out of favor tomorrow, it's changed the way we view photography. What once only served to capture important moments is now a way of communicating visually, in real time.

Dropbox is Doing Great, But Maybe Not as Great as We Believed - Forbes

Ideas about Dropbox's valuation has been fueled by past progress with a healthy dose of hype. The company that was expected to be worth $1 billion this year is actually worth $250 million.

Inside The Social Media Strategy That Made Batkid Go Viral - Fast Company

Believe it or not, a story involving Batman, a five-year-old Make-A-Wish patient didn't go viral on its own. Clever Girls, a social media agency, partnered with a local Make-A-Wish chapter and the city of San Francisco to make one kid's (and their client's) wish come true.

Rieder: If JFK had been shot in the social media era - USA Today

In reading the Philadelphia Inquirer's collection of JFK memories earlier this week, I couldn't believe that the news of the president's assassination spread by transistor radio or person to person. How would history be different if cell phones and social media had existed in 1963?

Infographic: What does your handwriting say about you? - Fast Company Design

How you write can indicate more than 5,000 different personality traits. Still, I'm struggling to remember the last time I wrote something besides my own name in cursive.

Friday Five will be on hiatus next week (Black Friday is a holiday unto itself, after all) and will resume in December. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if you have any PR news in the meantime, feel free to share with us @WalkerSands.