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Friday Five: 11/17-11/21

Theresa Ianni

Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news from this week!

Uber does damage control amid firestorm, but is it enough? - CNET

Uber faced heat this week after its executive, Emil Michael announced his desire to spend $1 million digging up dirt on journalists who have criticized the ride-sharing service. After almost every news outlet aired stories focusing on Uber's arrogant and aggressive culture, the company is trying to position itself as a "positive member of the community" by offering holiday deals and incentives for their drivers. It's unclear whether Uber's promotions will clear their name, but after a crisis like this, executing the proper next steps is crucial.
 10 reasons user-generated content boosts social media success - PRDaily
If you've ever created social media content for a client or brand then you know how difficult it is to produce compelling posts on a day-to-day basis. Luckily, social media managers no longer have to rely solely on internal content to drive a strong strategy. In fact, one study found that the most influential social content is from friends and family. Find out nine other reasons user-generated content will be a major trend in 2015.
A New App Called Milk Will Help You Save on Groceries, Without Clipping Paper Coupons - TechCrunch
Consumers are too busy to clip coupons, and more than $300 billion worth of savings go unused yearly. A new app, Milk is aiming to help consumers save money while grocery shopping by helping users find relevant offers, and applying deals to a virtual grocery list as a reminder to buy while shopping. The app costs $27/month on average. But if it's if used correctly, the savings will outweigh the subscription fee.
In the olympics of streaming, Netflix has the gold medal. A recent report found that Netflix owns 35 percent of the streaming share. Amazon follows behind in second place with only 2.6 percent of the share. While the gap is large, Amazon's traffic has more than doubled in the last 18 months, making the company a true competitor to Netflix. As more companies enter the games and expand their services, Netflix should stay on their toes to maintain the number one spot.
After purchasing The Washington Post, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is offering a free six-month subscription to the newspaper for Kindle Fire owners. The subscription will feature a morning and night edition with hand-selected stories. Users can decide to delete the app upon download, and they can also choose to purchase the subscription at a low cost after the free six months. If you don't own a Kindle Fire but want a subscription, don't fret. The app will be available for Android tablets and iPads next year.
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