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Friday Five 11/11-11/15

Sasha Hayman

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Happy Friday! A lot has happened this week in the world of PR, tech and marketing. Check out some of the highlights:

Chicago Tech Startups: Can The Windy City Make A Name For Itself in Innovation?– Chicago Tribune

Did you know a new company is launched in Chicago every 44 seconds? In the Windy City, many of these tech businesses are booming. Is Chicago becoming the new Silicon Valley? According to this article from Jefferson Vergo, it very well may be.

It's The Relationships, Stupid: Why J.P. Morgan's Twitter Chat Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong – Forbes

As brand managers, we at Walker Sands know there are very aware of which tools to use for communication, and which to be left for managing relationships. The number one rule about social media: use it to manage existing customer relationships. JP Morgan saw an epic crash and burn of a recent Twitter chat it hosted. Find out where they went wrong in this Forbes article.

Matt Moog: If you can't make it in Chicago, the problem might be your idea – Chicago Tribune Blue Sky Innovation

If you’re in the Chicago tech scene, you need to know about Matt Moog. After launching consumer -review firm Viewpoints LLC in 2007, Moog (rhymes with vogue) founded online tech community Built in Chicago in 2010. Early last year, he co-founded the investor group FireStarter Fund, which has since backed 11 companies. Check out Moog’s unique outlook on the Chicago startup scene.

McDonald’s Makes Point of Repairing Its Service Issues in Public – PR News

Customer feedback is one of the most uniquely valuable tools for any brand – and McDonald’s knows that. In recent months, the fast food mogule has received some pretty negative reviews about its service, so now they’re planning to fix it – in all 14,000 of its U.S. restaurants. Find out how in this PR News article.

It’s All E-Commerce Now – Technology Review

According to this Technology Review article, “omni-channel” is now just a buzzword that describes a survival strategy. Is e-commerce really an idea whose time has come and gone? Personally, I don’t think so. But this article gives some interesting insight about the future of retail and online shopping.

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