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Friday Five 10/7-10/11

Sarah Hale


Happy Friday! Lots going on this week in PR, marketing, and tech. Check out some of the highlights:

Google Ads Will Feature You – InformationWeek

Love it or hate it, we're one step closer to Minority Report and a future in which each piece of brand communication we encounter is customized. Your name and photo can now be used in Google ads, though an opt-out exists.

Without Services, Small Businesses Feel the Pinch – New York Times

The loss of the panda cam may be the most public effect of the government shutdown, but it's not the most problematic. The Small Business Administration backs $96 million in small business loans per day. Now, the disbursement process has ground to a halt.

PR Power 50  – New York Observer

"There has never been a better time to practice PR in New York... And as traditional media operations struggle to keep up, PR firms are stepping in by creating stories rather than just pitching them. They are, in some ways, the new  newsrooms. And their influence is ascending." What do you think? Is PR in a new golden age?

2013 B2B Marketing Mix Survey Results – Pew Research Center

Think the modern media is dominated by opinion? Not so for print. A recent Pew report found that membership in the Association of Opinion Journalists has fallen by 55 percent since 2006 as newspapers cut space for editorials in their print editions.

Event Marketing Success Center – Marketo

Our very own Ken Gaebler was one of the experts quoted in Marketo's event marketing success guide, which details how to stand out from the crowd, ensure attendance and drive leads for events.

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