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Friday Five 10/28-11/1

Sasha Hayman

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Happy Friday! The theme of this week’s Friday Five seems to be advertising – from Twitter, to Instagram, to ad bots, and (of course!) Oreos, a lot has happened in the world of advertising this week. Check out some of the highlights:

How Twitter’s New Image Feed Could Boost eCommerce – Forbes

This week, you may have noticed your Twitter feed filled with images. From what I’ve seen so far, users have received the change with mixed emotions – as usual. While the change makes Twitter much more visual, what you may not realize is the power this new tool will give savvy retailers to drive e-commerce sales. In this article from Forbes, find out what this change means for retailers and how they can best use this tool to leverage images and drive sales.

The Preview is Over: Instagram Ads Are Here – CNET

Not to be outdone, immediately following Twitter’s launch of the new image feed this week, Instagram has rolled out their own ads. You may have seen a Michael Kors watch ad in your feed this morning, signaling the end of an ad-free Instagram. Instagram has said they are taking a careful approach, working to deliver beautiful ads that they hope their users will enjoy. Read this article to find out what the social media network is playing at. What do you think about Insta-ads?

Oreo Wins Big Again On Social Media With Horror Movie Vines – PR Daily

There is absolutely no denying that Oreo’s social ads are incredibly creative, and they showed no different yesterday when they rolled out several “horror” Vines. In short six second clips, Oreo reminded us once again of their advertising genius. Check out a couple of Oreo’s Vines in this PR Daily article.

The Hidden Cost Bots Add to Online Ads – Digiday

Online bots are causing big problems for online advertisers. Not only are they causing brands to pay for fraudulent ad impressions, but now they are making it near impossible for advertisers to target actual consumers. As advertisers begin to think critically about who’s actually seeing their ads, perhaps these bots are part of the reason Twitter and Instagram have rolled out social ads – they’re more reliable. Read this Digiday article to learn more. Do you agree?

Break Out the Crystal Ball: 20 Marketing Trends for 2014 – PR News

Work in marketing? This infographic from WebDAM aggregated a few reports and pulled together 20 key trends for next year. If you’re putting together 2014 marketing plans, this is definitely worth considering.

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