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Friday Five 10/21-10/25

Sarah Hale


Happy Friday! It's fall in Chicago, but the change was so abrupt it feels like winter. We feel like curling up with a good book (or better yet, the best PR/tech news of the week):

What Can We Expect From The Next Decade Of Marketing? - Forbes

Around here, we often wonder what the next big data (aka the next game-changer) for marketing will be. Marketers are shifting from grabbing attention to holding on to it and are learning content skills; are embracing platforms rather than brands; and better predicting customer behavior through simulations.

Wearable Gadgets Transform How Companies Do Business - Wall Street Journal

We're not talking about Google Glass or the Galaxy Gear. Companies have begun implementing gadgets that track movement, light, temperature, energy levels and even engagement through tone of voice.

4 Social Media Slip-Ups to Avoid - Travel Market Report

It never hurts to revisit the basics, especially with social media. A sample metric: a business page is successful when relevant information from others is shared 80 percent of the time.

Startup culture inspires changes in traditional Chicago office spaces - Chicago Tribune

Cubicles are out, bikes are in. The typical startup office in Chicago is recognizable by its open floor plan, proximity to an El stop and by the dogs milling about. The most forward-thinking office designers even try to maximize the distance between key areas to increase time spent walking and interaction.

Mall Memo: Black Friday Starts at 8 PM on Thanksgiving, Runs 26 Hours - Gawker

Black Friday no longer begins on Friday, but rather the Thursday before. A memo from Rockaway Townsquare Mall in New Jersey was leaked and detailed the mall's marathon 26-hour schedule. Despite the potential for backlash, the outcry has been minimal so far.

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