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Friday Five: 10/19-10/23

Ted Tae

Happy Friday! We’re officially living in the future. Here’s a roundup of industry news.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 Builds On The Pro 3, Bolstered By Windows 10 - TechCrunch

Industry experts this week offered their collective two cents on the highly anticipated Surface Pro 4, which Microsoft is officially releasing next Monday. As you might expect, the device is the fourth model in Microsoft’s series of 2-in-1 tablet/PC hybrids. The Surface Pro 4 is thinner and packs a bigger hardware punch than its predecessor -- it’s supposed to be 30 percent faster and have 60 percent more pixels than the Surface Pro 3. Keep your eyes peeled for when the device hits storefronts.

The Kid Who Got Arrested for Making a Clock Goes to Qatar - The Atlantic

Remember Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas high school student who got arrested for making a clock? Earlier this month, the teen accepted an invitation to travel to Qatar and Saudi Arabia amid a flurry of publicity. While in Qatar, Ahmed toured the Arab nation’s state-of-the-art educational facilities and rubbed shoulders with. This week, he announced he would be moving to Qatar with his family to to study after accepting a scholarship under the Young Innovators Program.

#Brands are milking Back to the Future Day for all it's worth - Fortune

Great Scott! This past Wednesday marked Back to the Future Day. For the uninitiated, October 21, 2015, was the date Marty McFly, Doc Brown and Jennifer Parker time traveled to in the Back to the Future series. This week, brands capitalized on the pop culture mania by launching timely ad campaigns or product announcements. From Nike’s self-lacing sneakers to Pepsi’s retro-futuristic Pepsi Perfect drink, marketers had a blast this week paying tribute to the cult classic.

Airbnb Ads Flop in San Francisco - New York Times

Also on Wednesday, Airbnb placed ads around San Francisco that flopped with city residents who thought they were distasteful. The ads, which suggested different ways the city could use Airbnb’s tax payments, were described on Twitter as “tone-deaf” and “passive-aggressive.” On Thursday, Airbnb issued an apology on its Twitter account saying, “We apologize for Wednesday’s SF ads. They displayed poor judgment and do not live up to the values and humanity of our global community.”

Instagram Launches New App 'Boomerang' For Making GIF-Like Videos - Forbes

Are looping videos really the next big thing? On Thursday, Instagram rolled out a standalone app called Boomerang that allows users to make short one-second video loops. Some noted the app’s resemblance to Vine, which allows users to create and share six-second video clips. Boomerang is the latest of Instagram’s roster of standalone apps, which includes the photo collage app “Layout” and the time lapse video app “Hyperlapse.”

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