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Friday Five: 10/12-10/16

Yasmeen Ahmed

Media Relations in the form of a Tinder App – Huffington Post

There is a new app out which aims to take traditional media relations out of the PR game and go completely mobile, using the Tinder branded “swiping method” to decide what’s good and what’s not. “This app levels the playing field. A pitch brimming with awesomeness is going to get a lot of right swipes, and a pitch that falls flat will get swiped to the left (yes, the UPitch app is Tinder for media relations instead of personal relations),” said Allison Kugel, Co-founder of the media relations app, UPitch. Kugel wants to level the playing field for brilliant artists, pioneers, start-ups and small business who may not have an agency.

How Tech is saving the World – Washington Post

In the midst of the Syrian Refugee Crisis tech companies have come together to help. Kickstarter, Airbnb, Twitter and more are assisting by using their platforms to raise money and letting volunteers stay for free. Others are focusing on how to bring technology – not just money – to these refugees. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and musician Bono are partnering with UN refugee camps to bring them internet access. The idea of refugees having internet access may seem insignificant but Forbes reported that the first thing that refugees asked for at a camp in Jordan was where they could charge their phones.


The Agriculture Industry Calls on Tech for Help – Huffington Post

Farmers are adopting more technology and software to assist in producing the necessary food in the wake of many environmental and industry challenges. However, one of the biggest struggles against them is the difficulty in using the massive amount of data produced by agricultural technologies, like satellites, in-field sensors and GPS monitoring tools. So, Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are offering cash prizes to developers who can produce apps that will leverage the large amounts of data now made public by the USDA. It’s amazing to see an encouragement to make a change and utilize the resources that are already available.

Side Project Marketing – Medium

In a world where blogging can take ages to build credibility and ads don’t work as effectively, what’s a new company to do to get their name out there, especially in the densely populated internet world? Crew, a company that assists with the process of developing websites and mobile apps, needed to make a name for themselves with little money and a quickly approaching deadline. Instead of spending extra money on ads, they started a website with free (beautiful) photos that they had left over from their website redesign, for anyone to “steal” and use for anything. The goal is to “give something valuable away in order to sell something related.” It’s working for them. This side project is the number one way people find them. Side projects can be a great new marketing tool for small or growing businesses.

Dex Torricke-Barton
Dex Torricke-Barton

How the Internet is Uniting Us Globally – Medium

From the Syrian refugee crisis to the ALS ice bucket challenge, politicians and people in power are now persuaded to make changes, influenced by viral social media campaigns and conversations. This year has held some extremely traumatic world events, tearing apart countries, and more than a billion people are united every day on social media sites. Social media and the internet cross country, cultural and language borders, allowing friendships of the most unlikely. Besides the social good, Deloitte reported that that if more people were connected in developing countries, 160 million people could escape poverty, 140 million new jobs be created and 600 million children receive education. Technology, social media and communication help us overcome many global challenges, a heart-warming feeling for the work we do everyday.

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