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Friday Five 06/02-06/06

Nenad Tadic


Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news for the week:

Apple Is Undoing One Of Steve Jobs' Most Treasured Relationships - Business Insider

Apple had a big week with the unveiling of its new operating systems for Mac computers and Mobile Devices. It has also been learned that Apple’s ad agency, TBWA Media Arts Lab, has been dropped. Apple considered firing TBWA in 2013, but Business Insider writes that the move is surprising because Steve Jobs had a close relationship with it. The agency helped launch the iPod, iPad and iPhone. 

Twitter Changes Its Web Font; Cue a Twitter Freakout - Mashable

Notice anything different on Twitter? Twitter changed its primary web font to Gotham Narrow SSm. Mashable writes the font is sleeker and more narrow and was even used in Barack Obama’s campaign.

Six Ways to Make Your Data More Human - Ad Age

Marketing still needs a human touch. Data that comes from people already has a human quality of its own, but as systems become more automated, it becomes easier to write off that human element. Here are six ways to make data more human. Some of the tips include “know that everyone is lying“ to “remember that bigger is not always better.”

A Year Into the Snowden Leaks, Here’s Something Useful We Can All Do - Giga Om

It’s been exactly a year since the Snowden leaks. Since then, a number of protest campaigns and events have emerged to challenge mass surveillance. “The biggest shift, however, is the realization that ordinary people can and should push back in a meaningful way,” writes David Meyer. Read more about techniques and tools everyone can incorporate to combat mass surveillance.

Shut Up And Take My Money For The Cards Against Humanity: Tech Edition - TechCrunch

Last but not least, the “party game for horrible people” has gone tech. The new game isn’t available for purchase just yet, but look out for the same ludacris cards--now tech-infused.

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