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Forget Ranking #1 in Search, How About Ranking #0

John Fairley

Everyone wants to rank #1 in search results. Ranking number one for popular searches can drive tremendous amounts of traffic to you website. But, what if you could rank #0, how much traffic would it drive? Ranking zero is displaying of links to a user, before they search. Google has just launched their Nexus One phone and it's displayed prominently on one the most popular search pages on the internet (see screenshot below).


How much traffic to and awareness of the Nexus One will this create is hard to say, but it's safe to say that it will be huge. In just over a year, Google grabbed about 5% of the web browser market with a new product. Their success was aided by including advertising of their Chrome web browser on their search homepage.

When developing your marketing strategy, think about how to leverage powerful assets you already have which could act as multipliers for your campaigns.