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Flipboard: An Appealing Way to See the Web

Kim Lucio

With the tablet craze at an all time high, I recently bought an iPad 2.While I am still exploring my favorite apps on there, Flipboard grabbed my attention pretty quickly. A social magazine application, it allows you to integrate all of your favorite websites, blogs, and social media outlets into one place and read them in a more visually appealing way.

Why it Works

Since starting to use the application, I've found that I read more than before. Being more of a visual person, the layout and big imagery on pieces of content keeps my attention longer. After checking out their site, it seems like I am one of many who feel this way. As they state, "We believe this more beautiful, more readable layout will increase your viewership and cause more people to retweet, share and like your content." The application currently has over 4.5 million downloads.

Ease of Use

Another one of the reasons I love this application so much is the ease of use on it. Andrew Cross, a Media Relations Specialist here at Walker Sands, agrees. “I’m a big Flipboard fan, mostly because it displays the information in a way that’s easy to digest. Twitter can be a great source for news, but I like Flipboard’s Twitter stream because I don’t have to click a bunch of links and open new windows just to see if something is worth reading," stated Andrew. The idea of making it easier to sift through the hundreds of thousands of articles that are shared on the web daily adds to the appeal of the visual application.


Developers: Take Note

From a development perspective, Flipboard demonstrates elements that every app should have. Between it's ease of use to it's UX overall, Flipboard is doing it right. Hillel Fuld wrote a great piece on the 7 Lessons Developers Can Learn From Flipboard. There are a lot of great takeaways in that piece as well about why Flipboard works.

For me, it's all about having my favorite places on the internet in one central location to check out. Watch the video here to get the full experience.

What do you think? Would you consider using Flipboard?


1 - Homepage of my Flipboard account. You can add your favorite social media sites, blogs, or sort by industry topics to manage what you want to see.

2 - How the blog all that inspires me appears in the application