First Steps: Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Foursquare. YouTube. They're the biggest names in social media and if you aren't familiar with them, then your company is probably falling behind the competition when it comes to marketing your brand online. Although social networking sites clearly aren't a universal solution to your brand's marketing challenges, they provide a cost-effective channel for directly interacting with consumers and potential brand advocates.

Walker Sands specializes in helping businesses navigate social media to broaden and deepen their online presence. Not every social media channel is appropriate for every business, so our team works with clients to identify the channels that are capable of delivering the best results. If your organization is new to social media, we recommend starting the process by engaging in a few first steps.

  • Start with the company website. A good company website is the anchor of your online presence. It just doesn't make sense to invest time and resources in a social media strategy until you have evaluated and possibly redesigned your company site.
  • Explore social media sites. If you are completely new to social media, take time to explore several of the most popular social networking outlets. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the big three and offer an easy way for new users to dip their feet in the water of social networking.
  • Create a social media presence. Before you create a profile for your business, consider creating a personal profile on one or two social media sites. Sites like Facebook have streamlined the process, allowing you to create a new profile in a matter of minutes. With a personal profile in place, you can begin to make connections and explore the ways other businesses are using social media to their advantage.
  • Interact with users. Social media thrives on interactions. As you begin to think about how you can use social media to benefit your company, you will need to start interacting with other users. Comments, posts, and other interactions all have value but until you are ready to launch a formal social media campaign for your business, steer clear of divisive topics.
  • Develop a routine. Successful social media marketing is based on consistent engagement with other users. When you're ready, consult with an online marketing professional to craft a strategy and a routine for ongoing participation on targeted social media sites.

Ready to get serious about social media? Walker Sands is Chicago's premiere social media marketing firm. Contact our team today and let us help design a successful blogging and social media strategy for your business.