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Firefox 14.0 and the Dreaded Not Provided


This morning Firefox updated to version 14. Not really a big deal, some small changes, a few fixes, and one thing that’s going to make SEO reports even more muddled. From here on out, all searches done in Firefox are going to be secure which means that they will all come through as Not Provided.

Taking a look at the current stats from w3counter, Firefox is about 23% of the market , but looking a little farther down, about 8.5% of people are using the most recent version which means they’ll probably update to Firefox 14 in the next week or so. Some of them were probably already searching while logged in to Google, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 5%-10% increase in Not Provided numbers by the time we report on August numbers.

As everyone knows, SEO is a constantly changing industry and this is just another change that we have to account for when we make decisions around keyword data. This is a trend that easily could spread to other browsers, especially Chrome, and we should prepare for how we will make decisions with a decreasing amount of keyword data.

Check out the SEO Roundtable blog for more details.