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"The Walker Sands team is an absolute pleasure to work with. Extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, explaining in detail our strategy and working side by side with our team to develop programs that not only drive conversions from the leads we care about, but also to develop programs that achieve measurable business outcomes. So far, our conversion rates are far above industry benchmarks and the leads we are bringing in are top quality. Looking forward to more success as we continue to work with the team at Walker Sands."

Marie DiDominica, Sr. Manager, Field and Customer Marketing, NewsCred

From overcoming competitors to establishing credibility there is no lack of challenges for a FinTech marketer to overcome.

My experience and passion is in helping FinTech companies succeed and while these resources are here to guide you through the challenges of building a killer program, I’m always just a phone call away.

Seven Steps to Generating ROI with B2B Content: With more marketing teams being challenged with turning a profit from their programs, content has become more valuable than ever. But not all marketers are sure how to use content strategically to increase revenue, and fewer understand how to measure content's true return on investment. I’ve created this resource to help you better identifying where your programs are falling off and where you can easily get them back on track to generating ROI.

How to Generate 70% more Leads in 90 Days: Integrated digital marketing helps you connect with prospects in the research phase—decision makers who are much closer to converting to qualified leads. In this white paper, we provide practical tips and advice that equip you to implement the latest digital tactics for short-term lead gen.

12 Week Campaign Planning Template: Rolling out effective digital campaigns without effective promotion, management, and execution proves painful. We created this interactive checklist that allows you to stay on top of the tasks your content marketing campaign requires so that your team is organized and on schedule. We’ve taken out all the guessing, and laid out all the steps you need for a successful content campaign.

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