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Just a Book with Tim Riesterer

Walker Sands invited other Chicago execs to join in reading Conversations that Win the Complex Sale by Tim Riesterer.

We hosted a meet and greet with the author at Goose Island in Chicago on Oct 1, 2015. See images from the event here.

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About the Book

Conversations that Win the Complex Sale

In the last few years, decision making sciences have become an important element to many marketing strategies, B2B and B2C alike.

Conversations That Win The Complex Sale dives into the science behind why people, not just marketers, make the choices we do in a buying process.  Are you familiar with the statistic “buyers are 60% of the way through their decision before they contact your business”? But what about the other 4+ people who are likely needed in that decision?  How do you get everyone on the same page, your page, and avoid a status-quo end result?

If you’re looking to revamp the way you do marketing and recharge your toolkit to have better conversations to grow your business, you should read this book.

Learn more about the book and author, Tim Riesterer, at:

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Week 1: B2B Marketing Needs Conversations That Win

“Conversations that Win the Complex Sale” is a vital tool for all B2B marketers. Focusing on crafting your message to align with customer needs and company goals fills the communication gap between you and your sales team, which in turn helps them to build better relationships with prospects and customers through conversations they are better prepared to have.

Week 2: Conversations That Win Part 1: Power of Change

All sales processes end in a decision. If you’re prepared to have the right conversations the decision can conclude in your favor. However, if your messaging is missing the mark, you sales cycle can end in a no, or even worse, no decision. Did you know that the majority of sales cycles, 60% in fact, end in no decision? However, very few sales people are tapping into this untouched market full of companies in need.  But you have the power to change your message and deviate from the status quo.

Week 3:Conversations That Win Part 2: Power of Story

A lot of companies provide similar services, but your power position, or power wedge, lies in the overlap of space where you can provide something your competitor does not. Even if it’s something small, it is still valuable because it’s unique to you, important to the customer and defensible.

Week 4: Conversations That Win, Part 3: Power of Message

Crafting conversations that go against the way your brain is naturally programmed to work can be a daunting task. However, once you can identify uniqueness, master the Value Wedge and build a Message Pyramid, the new conversation will become second nature. Now all you need is to make your message hard to forget. This is where Big Pictures come into play.