ITA Dinner with Walker Sands and Miller Heiman Group


Thanks for joining us at dinner with the ITA on November 13, 2018. We hope you enjoyed the conversation as much as we did. Below is an outline of the program between Walker Sands and MHG. If you’re interested in learning how we can help your team succeed in similar ways, reach out to us by filling out the form on this page.

Walker Sands + Miller Heiman Group


  • $1.9 million in pipeline revenue in 3 months
  • 2,710 web leads (+79% YoY)
  • 3,690 content downloads
  • 1,180 sales-qualified leads
  • 276 Scout demo requests
  • 240 sales opportunities
  • 261 media placements
  • 10,000 books sold in 3 months

An updated brand identity and new global website, powered by a fully integrated marketing and sales campaign, fills the sales pipeline with 557 qualified leads and drives $1.8 million in potential revenue within 9 months.

  • January 2018: With Walker Sands signed on as their global agency of record, Miller Heiman embarks on aggressive transformation strategy, setting goal to transform from a sales training company into a sales technology company
  • April 2018 – July 2018: Walker Sands updates Miller Heiman’s brand identity by developing new verbal and visual identity systems

  • May 2018: Walker Sands helps launch book “Sales Enablement” co-authored by Miller Heiman Group’s CEO with aggressive PR outreach program
  • May 2018: Walker Sands rebuilds Miller Heiman Groups’ marketing technology stack including a fresh Marketo instance and integration with Salesforce
  • July 2018: Walker Sands executes an integrated media, demand generation and content marketing campaign to introduce Scout and Strategic Selling with Perspective – Miller Heiman Group’s completely updated sales training methodology

  • August 2018: Walker Sands restructures Miller Heiman Group's sales process and CRM platform
  • March – September 2018: Walker Sands launches brand new website for Miller Heiman Group featuring new brand identity and messaging, new product offerings and a restructured service offering system for better SEO alignment