Edtech Marketing with a Digital Twist

As an educational technology service provider, you’re faced with the challenge of connecting with prospects in a growing, competitive space. There may not be a perfect formula for making your product the top choice for schools across the country and around the world, but a robust digital edtech marketing strategy is a good start. 

In fact, digital marketing is the cornerstone of today’s most successful technology brands. A robust marketing strategy that includes digital elements is far more likely to result in new leads and revenue growth than a marketing plan that skirts around digital channels. 

Enhance Your Edtech Marketing Strategy With Digital Elements 

Tapping into the full potential of digital strategies can breathe new life into your edtech marketing plan. When executed properly, digital assets can raise your company’s visibility, solidify your place in the market and improve profitability. 

  • Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved beyond simply finding the right keywords. A powerful SEO program ensures that your company ranks on search engines like Google when users search for key terms and phrases. 
  • Website Design – Your website is the first place prospective customers land when considering your edtech products and services – and first impressions count. A, responsive website design that is easy to navigate with carefully developed user personas, precise information architecture and  creates a seamless user experience  resonates with customers.  Additionally, your website should maintain a quality user experience across multiple devices. 
  • Content Creation – Quality content is the foundation for a successful digital marketing program. Content shines a light on brand messages, ultimately raising your company profile and driving new leads through your website. Remember, your content should always be easy to: read, understand, find, share and take action on. 
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising – Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a powerful tool for driving website traffic and marketing-qualified leads. Through careful campaign development and keyword research, your PPC strategy can reach prospective customers and influence purchasing behaviors. 
  • Social Media – How does social media play into a solid edtech marketing strategy? At its core, social media is an optimal tool for engaging customers and sharing brand messaging. If approached correctly, social media lets you engage new and existing customers on a personal level, which positively impacts your business. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the impact digital assets can have on your edtech marketing strategy? Walker Sands takes the guesswork out of building digital marketing strategies for educational technology companies. 

Our team of experts is knowledgeable and equipped to help you connect with key audience segments that you can’t reach with traditional marketing. 

At Walker Sands, digital is what we do. If you’re ready to take your edtech marketing strategy to new heights, contact us today to get started.