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Creating Meaningful Solutions through Productivity and Passion

Courtney Beasley

According to Crain’s Chicago Business, Millennium Park is Chicago’s second largest tourist attraction in Chicago by attendance. Inside the park lives The Bean (more formally known as Cloud Gate), one of Chicago’s most recognizable icons that attracts millions of selfie-taking visitors each year.  Despite its stature, The Bean receives little real-estate on the Millennium Park website and isn’t always easy to find once at the park.

In a weekly meeting, Walker Sands Digital questioned how they could optimize a website to enhance the visitor experience at The Bean. During their brainstorm, they found three problems:

  • People love taking pictures at The Bean, yet these pictures never get featured on the Millennium Park website
  • There is little background on the history of The Bean
  • There is no good map with the exact location of The Bean – creating this would give first-time visitors the ability to easily access the art

In three short days, Walker Sands Digital created a one-page solution to these problems. Seen @ The Bean is an interactive website that, through geolocation, collects Twitter and Instagram photos to provide a real-time, interactive and engaging user experience.

Kim Lucio, Interactive Marketing Manager, who played a huge role in the design of this website said, “It’s so exciting to see this page launched. The development allowed us to integrate parallax design, random animation of images in several different ways and explore the options of a long form design all in one place to create an exciting and useful product.”

Seen @ The Bean features a motion video of Millennium Park, a quick description of The Bean that answers frequently asked questions and a map that pinpoints The Bean’s actual location within the park.

The strategies behind the making of this website are simple and applicable: find a problem, brainstorm solutions and let your passions transform into productivity. Walker Sands Digital honed in on their creative abilities to provide a meaningful solution, and that’s what we strive to do every day at Walker Sands.

Be sure to check out the site today and use the hashtag #SeenAtTheBean when visiting!