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Cool Tool: Google "Search by Image"

Allison Lautz

Copy image location, Click camera icon, Paste, Voila!

I was shopping at the local pharmacy last week, minding my own business, when I suddenly saw someone I recognized: a woman I had seen in multiple stock photo searches, now plastered on the box of an As Seen on TV product next to the Pajama Jeans aisle.

When selecting impactful images to use for our web clients, it is important to verify that the pictures are not used elsewhere on the Internet - or on embarrassing products, for that matter.

Enter Google “Search by Image.” Perhaps you’re already familiar with it – it’s been around for a while – but for me this was both a useful and time-saving discovery. To take advantage of Search by Image, right click on a picture, and copy the image location or the image URL, depending on your browser (note: do not copy the image itself). In Google Images, click the camera icon on the right end of the search bar, paste, and hit enter.  Search results include the best guess of the image’s subject, visually similar images, and pages that include matching images.

As a web marketer, Search by Image is a valuable tool because it tells me where else a photo is found online, and it saves me time when I need to discover where I initially found an image. There are many uses for Search by Image; tell us what you use it for in the comments below!