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Conversations that Win, Part 2: Power of Story

Courtney Beasley

Watch this video to hear Tim’s take on the Power of the Story as seen in Conversations That Win the Complex Sale.

In the previous blog post, we identified that overcoming the status quo will build the foundation for conversations that will tell your prospects the story they need to hear, but haven’t heard yet. The next step to differentiating yourself from competitors is finding your power position. From here, you can build a unique message that resonates with your prospects.

Value Wedge

A lot of companies provide similar services, but your power position, or power wedge, lies in the overlap of space where you can provide something your competitor does not. Even if it’s something small, it is still valuable because it’s unique to you, important to the customer and defensible. For example, GEICO does a lot of things for the customer, but they are known for saving 15 percent or more on car insurance quickly. GEICO found something unique to them that they did well and made it valuable and memorable.


Message Pyramid

Now that you’ve identified your power wedge and delivered the necessary bad news to the prospect, it’s time to put together the pieces of the conversation. This is done through utilizing the Message Pyramid. The three tiers comprising the pyramid are the Is, Does, and Means to your message. Your solution to prospects’ needs make up the Is; the Does is how you will resolve that problem and the Means explains what your service will do to improve the prospects life.

Don’t Forget the Does

Most sales people address the Is and the Means, completely skipping the Does. Doing this is like making a roast beef sandwich without the roast beef. How can a story make an impact if is missing the unique message? Just like the sandwich without the roast beef, a story that omits the Does leaves prospects hungry for more.


The first time you find a power wedge to build your message pyramid will require some brain bending. Once it becomes a fool proof message, non-decision prospects will be a thing of the past.

The Message Pyramid and Power Wedge will make your customer feel, but what will make them retain? The brain craves images and context. The step that is going to tie your conversation together integrates images that will explain the big picture of your message. Check back next week when we dive into the power of the big picture.

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