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Conversations that Win, Part 1: Power of Change

Courtney Beasley

Watch this video to hear the concepts behind the Power of Change from Tim Riesterer, author of Conversations That Win the Complex Sale.

All sales processes end in a decision. If you’re prepared to have the right conversations the decision can conclude in your favor. However, if your messaging is missing the mark, you sales cycle can end in a no, or even worse, no decision. Did you know that the majority of sales cycles, 60% in fact, end in no decision? However, very few sales people are tapping into this untouched market full of companies in need.  But you have the power to change your message and deviate from the status quo.

The Status Quo

In today’s working world, people feel comfortable by playing it safe and sticking to what they know, or the status quo. In sales, the status quo is to vie for competitors’ clients by having the same mundane conversation that prospects are tired of hearing. But by overcoming the status quo by moving out of your comfort zone, you can tap into and sway the decisions of those prospects in the 60%, and effectively have the conversation your competition is hesitant to start.


Starting Strong 

Successful conversations all have one thing in common: a strong starting point. It’s better to take the time to craft a winning conversation than spend the same amount of time having the same conversations over and over that don’t produce any results. To begin, try taking a minute to see things from the viewpoint of your prospect. Most people don’t even realize they have a problem in need of fixing--or they’re simply too afraid, or comfortable, to acknowledge it. This is your chance to tell them what no one else has. The news might be bad, but in the end, it’s best to make the prospect recognize they have a problem worth fixing before they realize you can be the one to help them fix it.

Brain Change

The brain is programmed to be motivated by the possibility of pain rather than gain. By nature we want to tell prospects how our products and services will improve their lives and what they can gain from our expertise. By changing the conversation, we have to work against our natural inclinations. You must also change the mindset of the prospect, something that is done through building a better conversation. What they think is a safe situation needs to be identified by you as no longer safe, sustainable or susceptible.


Unique Messages

To make your conversation really stand out, it’s time to find your unique point of view. In a perfect world, every company would provide unique services. But the truth is, a lot of companies do very similar things with almost identical features. It’s crucial to keep things simple and focus on the one thing you do really well that your competitors don’t.

Finding one true differentiating factor takes a true understanding of your targets and their needs and can be a grueling task. But once discovered, you will be on your way to developing a great story and more importantly, developing the conversations that win sales.

In the next post we will share techniques to identify your unique message and integrate it into a transformative story to help reach your prospects and sway business decisions.

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