Consumer Electronics

A strong consumer electronics PR strategy involves a multi-prong approach, including:

  • Securing reviews that validate the product’s benefits versus competitors
  • Setting up face-to-face meetings with journalists and influencers at industry events
  • Engineering data studies that provide compelling metrics to build a case for the product or concept

Walker Sands works with you to build a base of enthusiastic end users – people who willingly and passionately advocate for your brand. At the end of the day, it comes down to getting the product in the hands of the influencers that matter – journalists and bloggers, but also consumers and enterprise users.

Panasonic 3D TV - CES 2012 Consumer Electronics Show

But you don’t want to entrust your brand to just anyone. You need to work with a consumer electronics PR firm that knows how public relations integrates with marketing to reach your core audiences. You need to reach them where they are, and they’re reading Engadget, CNET and The Verge.

At Walker Sands, we’re early adopters and trend spotters who make regular appearances at industry events such as the Consumer Electronics Show. We’ve helped our clients establish a strong share of voice, even if they weren’t necessarily first to market.

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