Chicago’s Unique Apps

Chicago is home to a thriving tech community, from mobile app startups to long-established industry stalwarts. Even as some brands have become household names, others seek to fill a smaller niche of needs. Here are some of the city’s unique and interesting apps:

  • Charlie: Social networking has allowed us to stay connected with friends and family like never before, but this rarely benefits our professional life. With so much control over our digital footprint, it can be a challenge to get an unfiltered glimpse at a prospective business associate’s character outside of your professional and social groups. Charlie can help bridge the gap when you want to make an impression on a new acquaintance by providing a brief dossier after combing through dozens of online resources. Rather than simply checking a prospective partner’s LinkedIn or searching their name online, consider using Charlie.
  • Raise: Gift cards are great – except for when they’re not. A thoughtfully chosen gift card can give you permission to live a little when its equivalent in cash would never see the outside of your checking account. On the other hand, a gift card to a store you never visit can be a major pain; if you don’t know anyone who is willing to buy it from you, it could sit unused for months or even years. Thanks to Raise, you can not only sell your unwanted gift cards, but also buy replacement cards for your favorite stores at a discount.
  • GrubHub: One of Chicago’s most famous apps, GrubHub has vastly expanded the number of restaurants that offer delivery. Perfect for late-night cravings, a lazy night at home, cold winter evenings or an easy way to try out an interesting but inconveniently-located restaurant, GrubHub brings the best fare of the city to your doorstep. Available in more than a dozen cities across the country, it’s easier than ever to dine in from the comfort of your couch.
  • Snapsheet: For the uninitiated, urban driving can be harrowing, and is a trying experience even for city natives. Accidents are even more stressful, as drivers dodge unscrupulous wreck chasers, swap insurance info and navigate the labyrinth of their insurer’s claims process as well as auto shop billing. Snapsheet takes much of the worry out of an accident by making sure drivers, insurers and repair shops are all on the same page, making it easier to communicate between all three without losing information in the shuffle.

With such a diverse tech community, there’s an app for nearly every desire. Whether that means a late-night delivery from across the city or managing the chaos of an accident on Lake Shore Drive, Chicago’s tech brands are dedicated to filling every need of modern city living.