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Chicago Web Design Agency on Authority Websites

Have you noticed how some business websites have a stronger presence than others? We have.

In fact, we think that the “authority site” concept is a mission critical strategy for many businesses, especially companies that are targeting a thought leadership position or are aiming toward capturing a larger percentage of market share.

What Does It Mean To Be an Authority Site?

Authority websites are “go to” sites. If you create an authority website, surfers jump directly to your website to access the information, resources or engagement mechanisms they’re looking for — instead of shopping around for other options.

Although Google may represent the ultimate authority site, businesses are getting in on the action and designing sites that dominate their industry, geography and/or market sector.

What It Takes to Become An Authority Site

  • Relevancy. Content is still the king of the Internet. Specifically, authority sites contain content that is thought provoking and extremely relevant to their visitors’ perceived needs and preferences.
  • Detail. The content you post on your website has to transcend the superficial and obvious content that populates much of the online universe. Authority sites contain multiple pages of content on each topic and aren’t afraid to go deep on any given subject.
  • News & updates.  A large percentage of authority site visitors bypass other sites because they trust the authority site to give them the most current news and information on topics that are important to them. Tie-ins to industry trends, news feeders and other resources are essential in retaining the trust of regular users.
  • Participation & feedback. One of the trends we’re seeing at Walker Sands is a preference among business users to interact with authority sites. As engagement becomes a bigger concern for visitors, it’s more important than ever for authority sites to offer mechanisms for feedback and participation. Our Chicago web design professionals regularly help our authority site clients create forums, comment sections and other mechanisms that encourage visitor participation.

Over time, strategically designed authority sites rise to the top of search engine ranks. But to get there, you’ll need help. The Walker Sands web design team has helped other companies create first-rate authority websites using superior website design, advanced SEO techniques, and best-practice landing page optimization tactics – and we’re ready to help your business achieve similar results.

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