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Chicago Startups and the Funding Feeding Frenzy

Andrew Cross

Move aside, Silicon Valley. If news reports are any indication, it’s Chicago’s time to shine in the startup world.

Earlier this month The Wall Street Journal asked, “Is It Chicago’s Moment For a Start-Up Renaissance?” and Reuters labeled the Windy City an “entrepreneurial hotbed.” BuiltInChicago reports that Chicago startups have raised nearly $1.3 billion in 2011 alone.

And along with new startups come new resources and events geared toward them, such as Chicago’s very own Funding Feeding Frenzy – a Nov.  2 event that brings emerging businesses, investors and venture capitalists together for a day of startup presentations, Q&A sessions, networking and more.

At the Funding Feeding Frenzy, entrepreneurs and small business owners have the chance to present to a panel of investors, who provide advice – and potentially resources – to the presenters.

The event also hosts exhibitors, including Walker Sands, who provide services to businesses of all sizes.

We’ve been watching the Chicago startup community grow for the past decade, and it’s something we’re very passionate about.

If you’re interested in seeing what NBC Chicago called “American Idol for entrepreneurs,” come check out the Funding Feeding Frenzy in Chicago on Nov. 2. We’d love to hear from you.