Wayin Data-Driven PR

Social intelligence company achieves more than 350 placements in key publications with data-driven PR campaign


brand awareness placements (more than four times the original goal)




web visits



Project Overview

Wayin, a social intelligence company that helps brands monitor and analyze Twitter activity, needed to increase brand awareness in the marketing technology space. Walker Sands used Wayin’s platform to monitor Twitter conversations, turning that data into timely news stories. This approach earned more than four times the original goal for media placements and hundreds of sales conversions.

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The company’s technology empowers marketers, broadcasters and digital strategists with tools to discover, understand, and act on social conversations in real-time—engaging consumers and deliver measurable improvement in marketing and business results. Wayin clients include a mix of leading global brands, sports teams, TV networks and advertising agencies.

Program Highlights

  • Significant visibility for Wayin’s unique social technology platform among key audience segments
  • 358 brand awareness placements (more than four times the original goal)
  • 500 million impressions, 2,389 website visits and 615 conversions
  • Media placements in Wired, Examiner, Social Times, The Daily Dot and other outlets

The Challenge

Social media has changed the way we consume news and information. Today, many of us watch major stories unfold on Twitter, and we’re influenced by what our peers say about events as they occur.

But consumers aren’t the only ones interested in the real-time capabilities of social media. Increasingly, savvy brands are looking for ways to use real-time social media conversations to develop highly targeted campaigns.

Wayin’s social media intelligence tool helps brands monitor and analyze how their target audiences react to key events on Twitter, empowering them with the information they need to intelligently engage key audiences in real time.

To raise its profile among brands and marketers, Wayin asked Walker Sands to assist in the development and execution of a data-driven campaign based on current events. With a set goal of 60-80 earned media placements for the year, Walker Sands aimed to significantly increase Wayin’s brand awareness and showcase the unique capabilities of the Wayin platform to audiences in the marketing technology space.

The Solution

Walker Sands kicked off the planning stage of the project by monitoring news stories that received the most attention from consumers on social media. These stories ranged from viral events like #TheDress and the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show to major news events like the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage.

The strategy was to monitor the most talked about news using the Wayin platform and secure media placements by tapping into Wayin’s data about conversation volume, location-based differences, gender-based differences and keywords.

Some of the major stories Walker Sands followed included:

  • Political campaigns (rise of the 2016 presidential candidates)
  • Entertainment news (e.g., box office movies and celebrity news)
  • Sports rivalries (e.g., Super Bowl, MLB playoffs, college vs. NFL fans on social)
  • Holiday gifts and travel trends
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram news (e.g., the donate button on Facebook)

For each story, Walker Sands analyzed trends related to locations, gender and keywords. Armed with unique insights captured from the Wayin platform, Walker Sands’ PR team pitched the data to relevant media outlets from mainstream business and news outlets to smaller trades over the course of the year.

By providing reporters and media contacts with rich social data, Walker Sands secured insights from Wayin in news stories covering current events. In many cases, mentions included images of the charts and graphs produced by the Wayin platform.

The Results

Walker Sands’ deliberate and calculated approach paid big dividends for Wayin, substantially outperforming the goals and expectations for the campaign.

  • By the end of 2015, Walker Sands secured a total of 358 brand awareness placements for Wayin (more than four times the original goal), including more than 32 placements from the data campaign.
  • The media placements Walker Sands earned for Wayin generated nearly 500 million impressions, 2,389 Web visits (almost twice the original goal of 1,200) and 615 conversions.
  • Key media placements included coverage in Wired, Examiner, Social Times, The Daily Dot and other outlets.

“Wayin offers an important solution for brands that need to interact with audiences in more relevant and engaging ways,” said Erin Jordan, account director at Walker Sands. “By combining Wayin’s technology capabilities with our innovative approach to PR, we delivered a data-driven campaign that generated value for media outlets and amplified Wayin’s voice in the marketing technology and social spaces.