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Since 1999, Finicity has been a financial industry pioneer. The company built its reputation on the strength of its proprietary financial data aggregation platform and a Financial Data API that serves as a go-between between financial institutions and third-party applications, allowing account holders to instantly access their data.  Finicity’s core mission is to democratize financial data and improve access security.

One of the things that set Finicity apart from other financial data aggregators is the company’s unique industry philosophy. Finicity believes that banks and fintech firms can and should work as partners rather than competitors – a cooperative ethos that permeates the brand’s products and perspectives.

The Challenge

Finicity approached Walker Sands to raise its profile as a leader in the financial data aggregation market. Despite having an impressive track record in the industry, Finicity lacked the media exposure of other firms in its space. The brand now needed to position itself as a key player in the future of the open financial web.

Specifically, Finicity wanted to amplify its voice around the company’s involvement in the development of global standards, consumer data access and the open financial web, as well as the brand’s commitment to a cooperative industry framework.

To achieve Finicity’s goals, Walker Sands would create a robust thought leadership and media outreach program placing the brand at the center of important industry conversations, while at the same time shining a light on Finicity’s unique contributions and perspectives.

The Solution

The Walker Sands team kicked off the initiative by evaluating the competitive landscape and identifying messaging opportunities that aligned with Finicity’s philosophy and objectives. Leveraging the insights captured from this process, Walker Sands worked with Finicity to develop a thought leadership strategy that included aggressive media outreach to top-tier and trade media outlets.

The thought leadership stories Walker Sands crafted for Finicity covered a wide range of topics, including credit decisioning and how allowing access to consumer data and transaction histories improves the lives of millions of unbanked and underbanked Americans.

In addition to thought leadership outreach, Walker Sands took advantage of key Finicity announcements about a $42 million round of funding led by Experian, and partnerships with Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase and Fannie Mae to capture media exposure. The team also built out Finicity’s newsroom and made recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the brand’s digital assets.

The Results

Prior to the engagement, Finicity didn’t appear in search engine results for important industry topics and keywords. But within six months, Finicity ranked alongside its main competitors – largely due to the value of the placements and mentions that Walker Sands garnered in high-profile publications.

Leveraging brand events, including the announcement of a new product partnership with Experian, Walker Sands generated a steady stream of placements in top-tier media outlets each month as well as leading publications that speak directly to bank audiences. In less than a year, Walker Sands secured more than 100 placements for Finicity in targeted outlets.

Finicity identified American Banker as a priority placement at the beginning of the engagement. The team not only secured placements for Finicity thought leaders in American Banker, but used Walker Sands’ relationship with American Banker to make Finicity a go-to resource for the publication’s reporters and editors. Finicity now routinely receives inbound requests for commentary from the publication.

Walker Sands achieved similar results for Finicity through agency relationships with The Wall Street Journal, PYMNTS.com and other top-tier and payments publications.

As Finicity continues to impact the financial industry and improve the financial lives of millions of consumers, Walker Sands continues to work as a trusted partner, evangelizing its messages of an open financial web and an improved future for credit decisioning.