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Billtrust is a leader in the B2B accounts receivable automation market that uses integrated cloud-based solutions to help companies accelerate cash flow by automating the payment cycle. Over time, Billtrust’s brand had become diluted and inconsistently applied due to the company’s growth and multiple acquisitions. Through a strategic brand identity refresh and new style guide, Walker Sands was able to provide clarity and consistency to Billtrust’s brand and marketing collateral while visually aligning the company to its leadership status in the market.

The Challenge

As a leader in the fintech space, Billtrust has experienced explosive growth and completed multiple acquisitions. However, as new companies and products were added, Billtrust’s brand grew to claim a wide variety of identities built on 24 disparate brand attributes. Consequently, its brand identity was no longer clearly defined and lacked a unifying brand theme.

Visually, the brand’s marketing assets also struggled with erratic use across new brands and teams. Throughout its collateral, the Billtrust logo was inconsistently applied, and the assets lacked a defined typographic hierarchy and a consistent content structure. As a result, Billtrust’s brand promise was confusing and its brand equity was significantly diluted.

When Billtrust hired a new SVP of marketing – a former Walker Sands client – he knew Walker Sands could deliver a modern, sophisticated brand identity that matched the company’s position as a leader in the space.

The Solution

The Walker Sands team started by conducting an audit of Billtrust’s marketing assets and interviewing members of its leadership team. Walker Sands also performed a competitive analysis to identify opportunities to differentiate Billtrust by developing a visual identity the company could clearly own.

Based on this research, Walker Sands conceptualized the overarching brand theme of “Sophisticated Tech,” reflected by six main attributes of the updated brand persona:

  • Category Leader
  • Innovative
  • Customer Obsessed
  • Human
  • Trustworthy
  • Enterprise Ready

Walker Sands then began implementing a new design system with a rigorous set of application guidelines to ensure fidelity and consistency. These guidelines were packaged into the Billtrust Brand Style Guide, which set rules for the consistent use of its logo, badge, primary and secondary colors, typography, iconography and photography. The style guide also provided clear direction on how acquired companies could consistently be assimilated into the Billtrust brand.

The Results

With a new brand identity and style guide, Billtrust was repositioned in the market and set up for success in consistently and coherently sharing its brand with the world.

Billtrust unveiled its new identity at its annual users conference to glowing reviews from customers and internal stakeholders alike. To prepare for the reveal, Walker Sands designed new conference booth graphics and event signage – in addition to updating more than 95 pieces of marketing collateral, including email templates and case studies.

With a successful brand identity refresh completed, Walker Sands’ partnership with Billtrust continued to grow as it entrusted the team with additional projects, including a marketing automation rebuild, creative work and an ongoing website redesign.