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Senior Brand Planner


Walker Sands is seeking a Senior Brand Planner who can execute primary research, synthesize business insights, and lead our agency’s brand strategy efforts.

The ideal candidate will have several years of experience in brand planning: conducting background research, analyzing audiences and competitors, and determining how a brand should go to market.

In uncovering market trends and insights, the Senior Brand Planner will also empower our creative teams who are responsible for drafting brand stories and designing brand communications. This role will also support our account teams with the strategic insights they need in planning out marketing programs that will drive real business results for our clients.

The Senior Brand Planner will maintain oversight of the agency’s branding methodology. This role will define our prescribed process, lead workshops and planning meetings, and have final ownership over the brand strategy recommendations that we present to our clients.

The ideal candidate should therefore have client-facing experience, the ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously, and the ability to collaborate with multiple agency teams (sales, creative, account, digital, PR, etc). You’ll often work independently and report directly to the VP of Branding & Web Services. This position is a great opportunity to gain a lot of exposure with high-profile clients and build out a growing Brand team.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Brand Discovery and Audit: conduct market research on client industries, execute brand awareness surveys within target audiences, conduct interviews and workshops with key client stakeholders or customers
  • Strategic Positioning: map out our client brands’ positioning relative to direct competitors. Identify market’s grasp of what a brand does and who it’s for. Determine how the brand needs to be repositioned to get where it needs to go.
  • Brand Architecture: Map out client brands, sub-brands, and product relationships relative to each other. Determine how the portfolio should be organized and presented to the market in a coherent way. Develop assessment framework to guide future decisions around products and offerings.
  • Audience Personas: Conduct qualitative interviews of internal stakeholders, current customers, past customers, prospects and/or industry experts. Develop detailed personas profiles that include pain points and how our brand’s value propositions address each.
  • Messaging Frameworks: Develop detailed messaging frameworks for a brand’s key audiences. Include insights on major brand benefits or differentiators.

In addition to the primary responsibilities listed above, the Senior Brand Planner will also be expected to support and empower agency teams who will own and lead subsequent Brand Expression and Brand Activation work. They will be responsible for deliverables such as the Brand Charter, Brand Personality, Brand / Product Naming, Verbal Brand Identity, Visual Brand Identity, Brand Bible, Marketing Planning. Read more on our full agency approach here.


  • You must be confident in client presentations and interactions and have excellent instincts with regard to human behavior, business strategy and marketing theory. You should be able to work quickly with minimal supervision.
  • You should have a passion for creativity, brands, culture, technology and understanding how people think.
  • You must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to make complex subjects understandable.
  • You should have 4-6 years of relevant advertising or marketing agency experience. Experience as a Brand Planner or Brand Strategist specifically is a plus.
  • Bonus: experience with B2B or technology brands. Graduate degree in business, communications, advertising or brand planning is also a plus.

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