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Full Stack Developer


We are looking for a motivated, well-organized, creative full stack developer to design, build and maintain internal applications to improve operations and provide valuable insights into corporate challenges.


As a part of the corporate team, you will be tasked with helping make the business run more efficiently and profitably. This means that you will be expected to not only have strong technical skills but also be able to understand business challenges and help come up with technical solutions to solve them. Moreover, as part of a small team, you will touch all parts of the applications we build and have a say in how they are built out. This means that we expect you to master the current environments we are using and continue to learn new skills in order to apply the best solution to each problem.

As it stands, we have a large array of existing tools built out in C#, Python, and Google Apps Scripts using mysql and Microsoft SQL Server databases. You will be expected to build new features into these existing tools as well as to improve stability and efficiency on the backend. Moreover, as our company continues to grow and expand, you will be tasked with creating entirely new tools to meet new challenges and integrate with existing systems.


  • Design and implement full stack solutions using C#, ASP.NET, and Google Scripts.
  • Extend functionality of existing tools using Application Program Interfaces (API’s) and/or database development and develop solutions to facilitate integration across SaaS platforms.
  • Write and maintain complex SQL queries, functions and stored processes in T-SQL.
  • Develop more efficient and scalable ways to pull and present data as our company continues to grow.
  • Rapidly develop minimum viable products of tools to determine the needs of various stakeholders.
  • Test and debug applications, particularly as they integrate into legacy systems.
  • Build Google App Maker applications to automate routine business functions.
  • Work across teams and with executives to identify business challenges and develop technical solutions to address them.
  • Maintain detailed documentation on applications for users and developers.


  • Degree in a quantitative field such as:
    • Computer science
    • Engineering
    • Math/science
    • Business Analytics
    • or equivalent technical background
  • 2 - 4 Years of professional programming experience in object oriented language such as (C#, Java, Python, C++).
  • Ability to write code proficiently in C# and JavaScript/Google Scripts.
  • Knowledge of Windows web technologies (ASP.Net, Entity Framework, SQL Server, IIS).
  • Knowledge of T-SQL, stored procedures, database design and management.
  • Experience with developing and using REST APIs.
  • Familiarity with HTML and CSS in order to build out UI for tools when necessary.
  • Must possess the ability to learn and understand business processes and relationship of systems and applications used to accomplish those processes.
  • Solid communication and writing skills to work with executives and write clear instructions for developers and end users.
  • Ability to work independently and under own direction and initiative.