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Front End Developer


Walker Sands is seeking a motivated front-end web developer willing to take on challenging projects and find creative solutions, both individually and as part of our team. 

Daily work will include building custom websites from design files on our custom in-house CMS, WordPress or other CMS. You will create websites, interactive infographics, landing pages and other types of interactive marketing pieces. You’ll be working with a full team of content writers, SEO analysts, back-end developers and designers to create and execute digital strategies.  

We work in an open-office environment, which makes it easier to collaborate as we generate new ideas and better processes. We expect employees to be actively engaged in every aspect of their teams and projects, and we encourage our people to generate ideas for their own projects. 

Our Expectations

We’re looking for a front end developer with between three and five years of experience building websites, apps or other interactive and code-driven projects. We require a solid understanding of HTML and CSS, which you will use to implement modern responsive websites. You should have the ability to support outdated browsers when necessary. You should have a strong working knowledge of JavaScript and some familiarity with React or a similar framework.

You should be able to optimize all code to run quickly and effectively on all types of devices and browsers.  We expect developers to write clean and standards-compliant code in a fast paced work environment. 

While you will not be responsible for design, we expect you to provide UX insights, UI definition and collaborate with designers & other developers to create a high-value final product for our clients. 


  • At least 3 years of industry experience in front-end web development 
  • HTML/CSS and preprocessor (SASS, PostCSS) expertise
  • Responsive website development experience
  • WordPress theme creation, from scratch, without a starter template or CSS framework
  • JavaScript (React, JSON) development and testing experience
  • Familiarity with build tools (Webpack, Gulp)
  • Experience defining the UX and UI of interactive web pages
  • Understanding of design principles
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop & Illustrator) familiarity (for taking a design to code)
  • Translation of designs to HTML/CSS that renders cross-browser and device (desktop, tablet and phone)
  • Experience with speed/performance testing and optimizing websites and pages for speed
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively work on a cross-functional collaborative web development team
  • Stellar communication skills
  • Strong work ethic and personal task management skills  

Beneficial Skills

  • Mac Terminal
  • Linux (LAMP) server environment management and setup 
  • PHP and MySQL
  • ASP and Microsoft SQL Server
  • App development iOS or Android
  • Experience managing WordPress installs (setup, maintenance, caching, and customization)
  • Marketing Automation integration (such as Pardot, Marketo or HubSpot)
  • Creating and testing HTML email templates
  • Schema markup
  • AMP
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • GIT
  • CDN usage