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Digital Marketing Analytics

Our experts in digital marketing analytics offer a quick analytics assessment to help you understand what’s broken and where you can improve.

Digital marketing’s worst enemy is poorly configured analytics.

Without consistent, timely and accurate measurement of what matters, marketing decisions are built on the faulty foundation of bad data. Without bringing together CRM data and digital engagement data, closed-loop reporting and proper attribution of sales pipeline and closed opportunities can’t be communicated.

With bad analytics, companies put the pedal to the metal on the wrong marketing initiatives and find their results hitting a pothole.

Without good analytics, performance and ROI can’t be measured, and chaos reigns supreme. Not a good way to do business.

Our B2B demand gen agency can help you get it right. With Walker Sands on your side, you’ll:

  • Be able to count on your analytics and report on metrics that correlate cause to effect with respect to outcomes and results
  • Never have to worry about common error inducers in the demand generation analytics world, like the integration between your website, your CRM and your marketing automation solutions
  • Know that the reports you give upper management will be accurate and easy to understand

Walker Sands’ digital marketing analytics experts offer a quick analytics assessment to help you understand what’s broken and how to fix it. Get in touch to start the journey to a stronger analytics foundation.