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C3 Conference: The Art, Science and Strategy of Reaching your Customers Organically

Courtney Beasley

As marketing manager for Walker Sands, I’m constantly looking for opportunities to expand our in house knowledge with the latest in B2B marketing and technology. Marketing has evolved into a full digital offering and Walker Sands offers an integrated, full house –in house solution. I’m a firm believer in practicing what we preach. So, from SEO to data studies, we’re running campaigns to continually develop our own brand awareness and test new concepts before introducing them to clients.C3_banner

It’s with this mentality that I’m excited to attend the annual digital marketing conference C3 on October 28th – 29th in New York where 1250+ marketing executives, online marketers, content marketers and search specialists will gather to share their companies’ most successful earned media strategies.

The agenda is jam packed with sessions focused on trending topics including “The Power of Video in Building Brands” from Mark McMaster of Google and “Creating Content, Conversations and Community on a National Scale” from Teach for America.  A final panel, “The Fab Four: Google, Pinterest, Microsoft and Facebook,” will conclude the two day conference.

As a marketer, I love to test new concepts as they emerge, but I don’t think you have to reinvent the wheel each time you do. With that, I’m looking forward to learning how our challenges align with those discussed by presenters and attendees, and the tactics they’ve implemented to overcome them.  Additionally, I’ll be using the conference to kickstart our own strategy and planning for 2016 – so I look forward to fresh, creative ideas to enhance those discussions.

Check back here in the next few weeks for my takeaways and learnings from C3!