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Burger King’s Cage-Free Promise: Good Business Practice Makes Life Easier (And Tasty)

Katie Welge

Did you know that breakfast, lunch and dinner at Burger King just became more animal-friendly? In one of the more bold sales moves I’ve seen in a while, Burger King joined with the Humane Society on Wednesday in announcing an aggressive yet kind-hearted move to sell only pork and eggs from cage-free sources by 2017. Burger King’s decision certainly tops those of its rivals, some of which have announced similar but less aggressive plans.

I believe this genius move is justified by a sales decline in today’s turbulent economy, pressure from competitors and Burger King’s plans to relist its shares on the New York Stock Exchange within the next few months.  No matter the motive, Burger King’s cage-free promise benefits all involved.

As a PR professional, my job consists of strategic efforts to create and sustain an understanding between an organization and the public. Sometimes an organization makes a mistake or catastrophic goof, and the PR team has to pick up the pieces. Sometimes the organization prevails. Sometimes it doesn’t. However, my job is made so much easier when the organization I represent has sound, ethical business practices.

When Burger King signed off on its new pork-and-poultry effort, it made the PR team’s job that much easier to pitch to the pubic a win-win situation that ultimately will increase profits while concurrently building a positive reputation for the fast-food chain and improving the lives of animals.

Based on Burger King’s announcement that both its pork and eggs will come from cage-free animals, I am asking that business leaders and decision makers do us all a favor and not only partake in good business practices, but go the extra mile when doing so. Just take a look the benefits that follow when headlines bear good news versus bad: businesses increase profits, shareholders smile as stocks rise and company morale becomes that much more collegial. Good business practice not only makes your pockets deeper, but also increases happiness in the lives of all involved.