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Bob Dylan Proves Content is King (dethroning Yeezus in the process)

Matilda Schieren

“Like a Rolling Stone,” Bob Dylan’s era-defining, age-defying anthem of angst, finally has an official music video...over 40 years after its initial release.


And no, it’s not a snowy montage of Robert Allen going electric at Newport or sounding off against hecklers at Royal Albert Hall. In fact, it’s probably more technically modern and subversive than anything the bands and beat-makers you saw at Lollapalooza or Pitchfork this summer have ever had the mind to create.

The video – created by digital agency Interlude – turns us already thankful viewers into active ones, inviting you to channel-surf through an array of familiar programming (Pawn Stars, The Price is Right, an international tennis match.) Through some impressive feat of video editing voodoo, the hosts, players and characters shown are all lip-syncing – in perfect time – with the unforgettable song.

I don’t want to get too in the weeds here in terms of “5 takeaways” for content marketers – that would both suck the awe-factor out and be precisely what Dylan stands against (not to mention it would overexpose the Millennial in me – an unforgiveable faux pas).

Instead, I’ll go as far as this: great content lives on, whether it’s a song, a movie, an article or maybe – if content marketers have amazing karma – an infographic. Given the unrelenting pressure PR and marketing professionals put on themselves to find fresh news hooks on a daily (or faster) basis, we might as well take comfort in knowing that certain content – even decades later – can be revived.

Not 100% sold on the power of “recycled” content?

Consider Twitter’s sentiment on Dylan’s release versus Kanye West’s new video (also live this week):