Best PR Companies

Chicago-based Walker Sands is an award-winning industry leader known as one of the best PR companies working today. Our methods are informed by years of experience with a vast array of clients. We’ve handled PR for tech start-ups with the coolest new apps, to software companies, B2B companies with eCommerce solutions to nonprofit organizations. Walker Sands is based in downtown Chicago to provide vital, responsive PR services with an emphasis on ROI and quantifiable results.  We develop a compelling messaging platform and meaningful relevant identity to connect with your audiences.  Focused messaging across traditional, online, and social media gets the information you want to the people who can become your clients.

The best PR companies know success in public relations is comparable to rolling a snowball down a hill: a strong core develops into a larger entity as it builds momentum. We at Walker Sands put that knowledge into action. Our PR team develops a realistic and highly responsive campaign designed to maximize results, with each placement broadcasting high profile messaging and strengthening beneficial relationships.

Your company has differentiating strengths. Walker Sands will give you the voice through the press to elevate your brand’s credibility. Contact us, and see what one of the best PR companies can do for you.