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B2B Marketing Needs "Conversations That Win"

Courtney Beasley

Welcome to the Just a Book blog series! For the next month we will be recapping the key points of Tim Riesterer’s acclaimed book, “Conversations that Win the Complex Sale.” You may have seen Tim at the Content2Conversion conference, among others. However, if this is your first encounter with his material prepare to rethink everything you thought was true about sales and marketing and brace yourself for a 180-degree shift in your messaging.

As B2B marketers and sales professionals, it’s easy to forget that business messaging revolves around the same psychological principles as everyday conversation. Throughout the book, Riesterer uses his background in journalism and the psychological aspects of conversation to build a model that can be used to change the way you communicate and sell your story.


“Conversations that Win the Complex Sale” is a vital tool for all B2B marketers. Focusing on crafting your message to align with customer needs and company goals fills the communication gap between you and your sales team, which in turn helps them to build better relationships with prospects and customers through conversations they are better prepared to have.

Who is your biggest competition? If we had to guess, you likely thought immediately of another company who has similar service offerings, some stronger than yours and vice versa. However, when reading this book, you’ll be surprised to learn that your biggest threat is the “status quo”. Our main jobs as marketers should be creating content and materials to convince our prospects that where they are, the status- quo, is no longer safe, sustainable or susceptible.

Follow along as we go step by step through Tim Riesterer’s winning methods. All you need is a pen and paper and an open mind prepared to make big changes.

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