B2B Content Marketing Principles

B2B content marketing programs can yield significant business benefits in the form of sales growth, lead generation, shortened sales cycles and increased brand awareness among prospects, vendors and strategic partners.

Types of B2B Content Marketing

With the advent of the Internet, B2B content marketing has become critical to capturing customers’ attention and differentiating your brand. There are many different types of B2B content marketing, all of which play a role in a comprehensive marketing and PR program.

  • Brochures, Product Descriptions and Sales Sheets
  • White Papers and Research Reports
  • Thought Leadership Pieces and Contributed Articles
  • Newsletters and Blogs
  • Multimedia Content and Social Media Presence
  • Press Releases
  • Websites and Microsites

Best Practices for B2B Content Marketing

B2B content marketing isn’t about throwing as much content on your website as possible about any random topic. Companies must be strategic and build on industry best practices:

Cater to Your Audience.
B2B content marketing isn’t always about preaching the benefits of your brand or product outright. You need to add value for your readers and develop content that is educational and useful to your audience, while positioning your brand and experts as credible thought leaders in your area of expertise.

Use Your Brand Voice.
Be conversational and let your brand personality shine through. The best B2B content marketing campaigns are engaging, add value and are easy for your readers to understand.

Maintain a Consistent Brand Presence Across Online and Offline Channels.
To be effective at B2B content marketing, it’s important to identify your brand persona and voice. These should stay constant across channels and mediums, whether you are on YouTube, your company blog or in The New York Times.

Leverage Data and Statistics.
Data and statistics provide fodder for an array of B2B content marketing opportunities. From white papers to press releases to informative blog posts, research that uncovers new trends and best practices will be valuable to your audience and immediately position your company as an expert. By serving as a resource to your audience, you can develop more effective B2B content marketing pieces that drive sales and have a long shelf life.

Remain Active and Fresh.
It’s important to remain active and dedicated to your B2B content marketing program. The sheer amount of content you need to develop on an ongoing basis can be overwhelming at first, but the results will be more than worth it.

Stay on top of industry trends and monitor what major business publications and trade outlets are writing about in your sector to generate ideas for B2B content marketing campaigns. When considering relevant topics, you can offer tips for dealing with a changing business climate, examples of client case studies or commentary on a breaking news item. Be sure to leverage any pieces of content elsewhere across your company’s channels, including social media, your company blog and website, and internal communications.

B2B content marketing has become a priority in many of today’s leading B2B and technology companies. Walker Sands provides strategic and content development support to Fortune 500 enterprises and startups alike with a multidisciplinary approach to PR, social and search.