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Apple, Apple, Droid

Allie Bovis

You’re it, Mr. Cook. Reports are circulating that Apple will hold a media event to showcase the iPhone5 (or whatever the name will be) on October 4th.

With Steve Jobs resigning and the Tim Cook era beginning, the launch of the highly anticipated iPhone5 will be a momentous occasion for Apple.

1. It will be the first launch without Steve Jobs at the helm

Although there doesn’t seem to be much uncertainty with CEO Tim Cook officially taking charge, there is still that sense of waiting with bated breath to see how the launch operates and whether or not the product is successful.

2. Questions are also circulating on whether Apple products will remain the same with Tim Cook now in charge.

Steve Jobs has been mentoring Tim Cook basically since his arrival to Apple in 1998, so the probability of significant changes being made isn’t worth the hype. Yet come October 4th, we may get a better view of what is to come at Apple.

And then finally, the age-old questions before any Apple release…

3. Is it really worth the price to upgrade or switch services? What’s different about this product than its predecessor? Will it be worth it for iPhone4 users to switch unless it has 4G?

If half of the rumors (the exciting half) are true about the new iPhone5, it may be worth shelling out the cash (not yet disclosed). Some of the rumors here… (

Yes, we all know that the iPhone5 was already designed before Jobs resigned and Tim Cook probably had a big hand in it, but we don’t care about that. This is Tim Cook’s initiation. We all know he made Apple more efficient, but he has to prove himself by owning this launch and unveiling a success without Steve Jobs.

If this launch disappoints, will current iPhone users and the Apple loyal jump ship and switch to the Android?