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Annual Marketing Plan Template: Organizing Your Marketing Plan on One Page

Mike Santoro

The Walker Sands Annual Marketing Plan Template has been updated. If you'd like to access the newest version, click here.

It’s early November which means that marketing directors are busy planning efforts for the New Year. Complex budget break downs, multiple campaign strategies. Each piece is necessary and has its place, but it’s nice to see the whole year laid out on one sheet.

Enter the one page Annual Marketing Plan Template.

It’s a far from perfect marketing plan template and it certainly isn’t much to look at, but I’ve been using it for close to 6 years now, and people who I share it with seem to appreciate its simplicity.

How does it work?

Start with your strategy. Who are you trying to impact? Are there specific segments or audiences you are trying to reach? Then determine tactics to reach them. Do you need a different approach for customers versus prospects? What about technical buyers versus business buyers? Most likely, you’ll have a ton of overlap. That’s fine, just be sure you have tactics to impact each audience.

Once you have broad tactics, start to lay out specifics. If you plan to exhibit at trade shows write in when these occur. If you plan to use social media, put in months when you might launch a specific campaign.

And then stop there. Other documents can guide the details of these initiatives; this document is focused on giving you a high level perspective.

You should never launch a marketing initiative without a plan, yet I meet way too many marketers that get caught up in the day to day and forget about the big picture. It’s tools like this that allow you to stay on track.

And as an added bonus, the global tactical documents help you next November when you are trying to remember what worked and what didn’t. Simply pull out this document and go through it. Put what worked back on there for next year and cut what didn’t. And don’t forget to add some new experiments.

You can download the document below. Do you have other recommendations? Leave them in the comments below.

Download the Annual Marketing Plan Template