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An Internship Is What You Make of It

Meghan Spork

Just like with any other relationship, an internship is what you make of it. You get out of it, what you put into it. There are tons of internship tips and guidelines out there, but I think it can be boiled down into three simple tips.

So, what makes a good internship? The three E’s: effort, enthusiasm, and extras.


It’s pretty simple - just try your hardest. Putting effort into your work and making the most out of an internship is crucial. Lazing around just does not cut it. Chances are there are a handful of other people that interviewed for your spot. Don’t take it for granted. And when you do put forth effort most likely, it will get recognized by your peers (and hopefully your boss!) and with any luck you will be thrown some awesome assignments. Effort rarely goes unnoticed.


Attitude is everything. At least try and act like you want to be there. No really though, enthusiasm is important. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, no one is going to believe in you. Not only does enthusiasm make you a better person to be around, it also helps brighten up the entire office environment. It opens up communication and conveys eagerness to learn, do new things, and get out of your comfort zone.


Go above and beyond. It ties into putting in effort, but put in a little extra to make it 110 percent. Take on new tasks and overcome some of your challenges. Your hard work will not go unnoticed – guaranteed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or even ask your colleagues out for coffee to pick their brain on industry trends or what it is like to be in their shoes. Doing a little extra allows you to make a name for yourself, network and build relationships that could come in handy later down the road.

I’m on my third internship now and even though these three tips are pretty common sense, when combined they should make almost any internship experience a good one. In my eyes, what is the worst thing that could happen? You find out that this isn’t the industry for you, or that you just aren’t cut out for this work? Okay, I can admit that is not the best outcome ever. But even then, at least you learned something and are able to grow from that. Experience in any field will open doors for you, no matter where you go.

By the way, I’m Meghan Spork, one of Walker Sand’s newest public relations interns. I’m currently a senior at Michigan State University majoring in journalism and pursuing a specialization in public relations. I’m a Michigan girl at heart, but excited to be in the Windy City for the summer. I swear my passion for media and technology grows a little every day. My blackberry is close to my heart, and more importantly always close to my fingers. My current obsessions include comedian Kevin Hart, making delicious food, and unique designs for cupcakes and nail art (OPI’s shatter, anyone?). I’m also an avid tweeter (follow me:@meghanspork), Michigan State Basketball fan (Go Green!), and bookworm.