Amping Up Your Brand

Branding is a big deal for companies that are positioning themselves for growth. But over time, branding gradually slips further down the list of priorities, eventually becoming a given in the company's overall marketing equation. That's a problem because unattended brands don't remain static. Without constant attention and updating, brands ultimately lose their power to produce benefits for the organization.

An effective brand generates leads and drives conversions. Why? Because buyers need to be inspired and motivated to take the next step on your conversion path. Fresh brands make positive impressions on buyers while stale brands create lingering doubts about your company and your products.

At Walker Sands, branding and rebranding projects represent a major portion of our business marketing services. Although we could write volumes about how to amp up a brand, we've learned that there are a few areas in which most brands can use an overhaul.

  • Logos. A logo is a visual representation of your company, your mission and your brand. But since your company and mission may change a little over time, your logo needs to be periodically updated and refreshed. To amp up your brand, a good marketing firm may put a new face on your logo while maintaining distinctive elements that have historically connected the logo to your company.
  • Taglines. Taglines describe the promise you make to your customers. If created strategically, the right tagline can become an integral part of your brand identity. For example, most people immediately identify the phrase "finger lickin' good" with the KFC brand. Unfortunately, small and medium-size business taglines don't normally have the longevity of KFC's and need to be updated to reflect the brand's current value proposition.
  • Web presence. Your web presence is an important part of your brand. Walker Sands partners with our clients to bring their websites up-to-date and consistent with their brand profile. More importantly, our team leverages the brand to create an effective online conversion path.
  • Marketing collateral. With so much buzz surrounding online marketing channels, businesses sometimes overlook brand presence in marketing collateral. Brochures, print ads and even business cards are branding tools that need to be periodically reviewed and modified to maintain consistency and increase impact.

Walker Sands is a first-tier Chicago marketing firm and a recognized leader in business branding. Call our team today and learn how we can dramatically improve the value of your company's brand and brand presence.