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Admin Appreciation Week at Walker Sands

Holly Stehlin

There’s no doubt Walker Sands has THE BEST admin under the sun. Trish Kalchbrenner, our executive assistant, has been with Walker Sands for two and a half years, and let’s just say it’s a miracle we survived the times before her.

In honor of admin appreciation week, we asked our employees to share what they love about Trish. This post would go on for days if we included all the responses! So, here are the top five reasons why we are lucky to have Trish in our lives.

1. She gets the job done no matter what

“Not only is she the most organized person I've ever met, but she's scrappy – if you need something done, she'll find a way.” A

Trish constantly goes above and beyond for every person at Walker Sands. Whether it’s coming up with creative solutions to mundane office problems or working her magic to make the impossible seem like a breeze, there’s no problem too big or small for Trish to handle. And not only that, she is also killing the working mom game.

2. She always has a positive vibe

“I've never seen Trish with anything but a positive attitude.”

We all know the stereotype of the grouchy admin who is just there just to punch the clock. Lucky for us, Trish is the complete opposite. It can’t always be easy (or fun) managing an office of 80 employees, half of whom are millennials, but Trish comes to work every day and radiates positivity. If you’re having a bad day, she’ll lend an ear and know just how to make it better (probably by showing you an adorable picture of her son or recommending the best spot to grab a donut).

3. She knows how to have fun

“She is literally a ray of sunshine and goes out of her way to cultivate our office culture, whether it's through the company-wide scavenger hunt or simply grabbing a beer in the kitchen on Friday at 5.”

On top of keeping Walker Sands running, Trish goes out of her way to make sure we all have a little fun throughout the work week. Trish reminds us enjoy the little things in life by organizing our weekly Game of Cones and helping us celebrate holidays like National Pancake Day. Oh, and she is the queen of GIFS (no email from Trish is complete with the perfect GIF).

4. She embodies our valuesB

“Trish keeps things running smoothly across the office, and we are lost without her. She really supports Walker Sands values of learn, support, do.”

When we hire employees, we ask ourselves if they will be able to live our values of learn, support and do daily. Trish is the perfect embodiment of all three. She’s constantly doing anything and everything to make our jobs easier. She keeps us up to date with all of the adult things we should know about. And she’s a proud Walker-Sandsian – even sharing the message with future generations!

5. She pushes us to be better versions of ourselves

“Trish actively finds creative ways to help us out and sometimes change our behaviors.”

There’s so much we can learn from Trish. Although she’ll do anything to make our lives easier, she does so in a way that helps us grow as individuals. Trish never makes you feel dumb for asking a question, and she’s there to work with you when it comes to solving a problem.

We’re so lucky to have Trish in our lives, and we can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done for us since starting at Walker Sands! Treat yo'self Trish – you deserve it!