As an agency, we value the individual experiences and backgrounds each team member brings to the workplace. Our culture empowers individuals to voice their unique perspectives, and we encourage employees to consistently practice mutual respect and inclusion. Walker Sands leadership facilitates an accepting and inclusive work environment, and holds all employees accountable to welcoming and appreciating diverse perspectives.


At our core, Walker Sands understands the importance of different perspectives, experiences and characteristics, including race, gender, sexual identity, socioeconomic background and more.


We strive for equal opportunity across all levels of the organization. This means providing opportunities based on merit and potential, working to eliminate bias in our internal operations and ensuring everyone has an opportunity to be heard.


We are committed to fostering a workforce that values and respects all people. By welcoming and respecting our differences, we strive to foster an environment of belonging and create a place where our employees and clients can be their authentic selves.

The Work

We are proud of our DEI work and are committed to strengthening and continuing to improve our efforts in this area.

Some of our recent initiatives include:

  • Continue building relationships with academic, club and professional organizations to cultivate a more diverse candidate pipeline
  • Encourage employees to attend educational DEI events throughout the year
  • Provide opportunities for employees to discuss DEI-related topics through events or more casual coffee chats hosted by senior leaders
  • Continue to take on pro-bono client work that aligns with our values and stance on DEI in the workplace